Enjoy variety, but don’t stop there: variety is a supermarket value. Enjoy diversity, but don’t stop there either: diversity still presupposes categories, species and other abstractions. For maximum fun, enjoy difference - the particular way of being of each particular being. Enjoy the irreproducible, the fortuitous and the unpredictable, the surprisingly adapted and the unmarketable, the stratified, the open-ended, and the inconclusive. For a rich start, try plants, cities and people.

Green cities, green economies, green lifestyles, green policies, green thumbs – they are all green with the color of plants.

Urban life depends on, interacts with, affects and is affected by plant life in innumerable ways.


This is where we work and talk as embodied creatures.

"Emotional Intelligence, Art, and Nature"

An interdisciplinary workshop

Thursday, September 19th 2019