Minima Urbania advances the urban culture of plants. We explore all that plants can do for cities and all that cities can do for plants. We research, write, dialogue and work to build familiarity with place, people and the non-human. In this way we nurture meaning and new skills, relations, and experiments of living.

We love plants, people and cities with a history and a character. We work with succulent plants, resilient people and, like Rome, the city we live in, we are in for intensity and duration more than efficiency, predictability and convenience.

Set Up

MU is in the cloud and on the ground. We do our things online, at our Succulent Plant Lab in Rome, and in our garden in Sicily. We are an open network, an open online platform, an open Lab and garden. Everyone can join us anytime, from anywhere, physically or digitally, and explore and enrich their and our experience of plants, cities and people through self-expression, purposeful work, experimental projects and proposals, and all other bids one thinks it’s fun to get serious about.


MU surfaced in 2017 at LUISS University in Rome. Born as an experiential learning device for sustainability studies, MU set up a small succulent plants nursery on one of LUISS’ terraces and ran courses, workshops, conferences, internships and external projects. Plants and people multiplied quickly and we found more space at Il Trattore, a urban farm that grows organic food and engages the marginalized through agriculture. All we know about succulents we learned from Vivai Cuba, in Siracusa, Sicily; there, we run a garden of succulent experiments, selections, propagation, landscaping and observation. We explore the potential for socially meaningful and environmentally virtuous work with Loyola University of Chicago JFRC, through experiential and service learning activities as well as dedicated research.

We work with Il Trattore, Vivai Cuba, and LUC on an ongoing basis.